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Exactly next week I will have my long desired top surgery! I’m getting a little bit nervous now that it’s getting closer and closer. Not really for the operation itself, but mostly for the recovery afterwards. Though I’m sure everything will be alright. And even though I’m a bit nervous, I’m also very excited that it’s finally going to happen! I will post a update after the surgery to tell how everything went, and possibly a photo of the result!





I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on my blog before; but I have moved to a different city. I think it’s a little bit more than a month ago since I’ve packed up my things. We’re still not completely settled, there’s still lots of stuff is in boxes (resulting in having to check each box to find a certain thing).  Sudo seems to have adjusted, which is a good thing. The first few days he really needed to get used to the new place, and finding a new favourite place to sit/lay in the living room.
He’s also almost 10 months now, I can’t believe time is flying so fast!  I made these snapshots with him not too long ago, and thought of sharing these with you.
He looks so adorable in these ♥
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Just got a call back from the Genderteam, and my screening is on May the 14th already!
Never expected it to be this soon, because it could take up to 3 months, according to their website.
 I’m very happy the phonecall went alright. I was so scared of calling them to make an appointment, but it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Nothing to be scared of eventually.