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I thought it was time for a non-trans related post on my blog. How about shopping?
It has been ages since I’ve bought myself some new clothing! Because I need some blouses for after the surgery (it’s recommended because this it’s easier to
get dressed the first days after it, considering I can’t really do alot afterwards). I wanted to have some simple, plain ones so that it’s easier to combine them.
I’m happy that I didn’t had to go for the smallest size this time! The last time I needed to buy a blouse I needed the smallest size there was, resulting in having a size XS still being too large. The blouses I bought today are comparable to a size M. I also got some sweatpants. This will be so cozy on those cold days that are heading for us! And I needed new socks, so I couldn’t resist of getting these awesome ones. Can you tell I like those little moustaches? Looks like black and grey is the color combination I ended up with today. I don’t really own any grey clothing (except for one grey sweater), so it’s nice to have something that’s not black.