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So, yesterday when I wanted to go to bed, I felt something in my mouth.
I went to the bathroom, to look in the mirror and saw something terrible. I saw that on the inside on my mouth some flesh was growing around my piercing. So, I sadly had to take out the piercing because otherwise the flesh would grow even more around my piercing, which would result into my piercing being stuck to my flesh. It looked horrible, but it’s already looking better right now. I now have a whole in my face (another one!) ∩( ・д・)∩ “Aaaaah!”

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Last thursday I got myself two new facial piercings (。 ◕‿◕。)♥ A bridge piercing and a medusa piercing. A friend of mine pierced them for me, as she has several years of experience. She was also the one that gave me the septum piercing. She works proffesional and was kind enough to come to my place to pierce them. This photo is made on the same day when it got pierced, so there’s still some blood. I’m quite pleased with them, and I couldn’t be more happier!

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