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Today it has been exactly one year ago since my public coming-out.Alot of things have changed in that year. I have become more secure about myself, being able to dress like I wish to, and alter my appearance. Between my coming out to my love and publicly, I had cut my hair short, after having long hair for years (though I had cut my hair short in the meanwhile, but it was long again). Two days after my haircut I came out publicly. I remember going to an fantasy event on 22 April 2012, which was just 4 days after my coming out, and it also the first time my friends called me Damiën. I remember feeling extremely happy about that. This weekend, on 20 April 2013, I will be going to that same event again (will post photo’s of my outfit for that day after the event). Within this year everyone is calling me by my new name, and it feels great!
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