So I went to the EFF last weekend. Let me tell you a bit more about our day at this wonderfull event. My love and I wanted to leave early from home, so we would be at the event early as well. But, we left the house a bit later because I was a bit slow getting ready with everything, as usual. We went by car and it takes about a little bit more then an hour, which is fine with me. It’s not so long and I prefer going by car instead of public transfer. When we arrived, we got our tickets (that we ordered and paid online) and got in line. This time we didn’t had to stand in line for a long time, but when you go around 13:00hrs the line is getting pretty long.

There was supposed to be a lolita meet-up at the event around 13:00hrs, and we arrived there at 13:11hrs. As expected, everyone came a bit later, and when we went there, there were only a few people. It didn’t last long because we all wanted to walk around and see everything. And while we were walking around, I cam across some other friends and talked a bit, which resulted in losing track of the rest.∩( ・д・)∩ “Where is everybody?” So, Violet, my partner and I were left. We wanted to look for the others but weren’t able to find them, so we took a stroll around the event and looking at the stalls and costumes of everybody.

We came across the Steampunk camp, which always looks impressive (especially previous year it was amazing). I do love steampunk alot, and they all had such amazing outfits and accesories. I found a group of steampunkers and took a few photo’s there. It wasn’t so easy to take photo’s because the place was packed with loads of people (mostly photographers). A few men (wearing steampunk), also wore masks. I thought that was just so cool! If I would ever wear a steampunk outfit, I would love to have a matching mask as well ♥


FairyIna Creature Seeker. This cabinet was filled with all kinds of interesting and odd objects. I loved every piece of it. The longer you looked at it, the more you saw. So many details!


After taken these photo’s I went inside the tent of the steampunkers to take a looksie.


After that, we walked around some more. Violet noticed that there were alot of small frogs in the water, and wanted to take a photo of them. So I secretly took this photo of her while she did that. While we walked around, we saw a woman, holding an owl. So awesome! The owl look beautiful with bright yellow eyes. It posed wonderfully ♥ We also saw a woman in black, with a gate on her back. So Violet and I were joking about it being the new Iron Gate (inside lolita joke). I can still laugh about it, it was just hilarious at that moment. I also took a photo of some awesome looking stamps I came across between some stalls. I thought they looked pretty, and they were all handmade. How cool is that? They even had a teddybear stamp! ∩( ・ω・)∩


After a while Violet came across her friend, and left us. So, my love and I were walking together and decided to get something nice to eat. We both had a sandwhich with loads of meat in it. It tasted very good! While we were eating our lunch we sat on the grass, and the wind was blowing so hard that my hair wanted to go to my sandwhich everytime I wanted to take a bite. I said to my love:”The wind will blow my hair off!”

We were at the event for approx. 6 hours, after that we were both very tired.
But before leaving we bought some XXL muffins, and ate one while relazing on the grass. They were unbelievabl tasty and big! We bought 3 vanilla muffins with chocolate, and 2 vanilla muffins with apple and cinnamon. So delicious ヽ(○´ε`○)ノ We ate the other 3 when we were home, hehe!


I also bought a few things this time. Normally I don’t buy anything at this event, just food. But I saw a few nice things that I wanted to have. I bought 3 patches: Nightwish, Korn and Slytherin patch. These will come on my backpack, to make it look more awesome. ♥ And I also bought a necklace. well, actually my love bought it for me, since I’m very lucky. I love the necklace alot, and it can also be used as a brooch. I can’t wait to wear it! And here’s also a photo of the castle, which I think looks wonderfull.


We then took outfit shots of each other. You might have seen them already in a previous post. I was quite pleased with my looks that day, especially with the hair. And my friends seemed to like it as well. So I will probably do it like this again. It was very busy at the event, and at the end of the day my feet hurted like crazy. They have never hurted as much as they did that day. I was very happy when we were back the car. ( つ゚Д゚)つ “I missed you, my dear car!” *throws off his shoes* “Much better!”

All in all it was a good day, and I had lots of fun. I saw some of my friends again, ate good food, enjoyed the weather and my company ♥


2 thoughts on “[22.4.2013]

  1. Violet -

    It was a nice day! I had so much fun! ^__^
    Hopefully you had a great day too?!
    You bought some nice things, the necklace is so beautiful! And those muffins, I also bought one, those were so tasty. I still regret that I only bought one…

    1. King_Chaos -

      I also had a great day! And it was nice to have seen you again, you look wonderfull ♥
      Those muffins were so yummy, I wish I had one right now!


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