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Yesterday I got myself a new pair of glasses. It was about time I got new ones, since my eyes have gotten worse. I was happy to get a new pair because I didn’t really liked the ones I had anymore. I’m very picky with looking for new glasses, and knew exactly what I wanted. I have tried on several pairs, and almost all of them were too big for me. According to the store clerk I have a small nosebridge. But, I finally  found a pair that I like and that fits me. It’s a simple pair with a black frame, and it’s blue on the inside. I was actually looking for a complete black pair, but I don’t mind since blue is my favourite color (besides black, if you count that as a color, lol!)


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To Do List

☆ Read 25 books in 2014
☆ Go shopping in London
☆ Take photo’s in Paris
☆ Getting a tattoo sleeve ☆ Done!
☆ Donate blood
☆ Write a book
☆ Take drivinglessons/ get driving license – Working on it
☆ Make my own pizza
☆ Make something with sewing machine
☆ Meditate
☆ Bake a pie (and succeed)
☆ Learn Finnish language
☆ Improve English
☆ Attend Gaypride
☆ Awake for 48 hours