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Today I had a appointment at the genderclinic.
This time I had a echo, where I had to drink 7 glasses of water, 2 hours beforehand. This was quite the challenge because you weren’t allowed to go to the bathroom. On my way to the genderclinic (the trip takes about 1.5hours for me to get there), I really needed to go to the bathroom and wasn’t able to wait any longer. So, I went. Luckily I brought plenty of drinks with me, so I quickly drank alot of water again. This was enough for the echo. When I arrived my bladder wasn’t too happy about the amount of water I drank and decided I needed to go to the bathroom again. But, I had to wait just a bit longer until after the echo. Luckily it was done very fast, because the woman that had to do the echo knew I had to go to the toilet really bad after all that water :p It was so weird to have that echo. It’s the exact same echo you get when you’re pregnant and want to see the baby. She had to take a look at my uterus and ovaries, to see if everything was well. And luckily it was. Afterwards I rushed to the toilet; such sweet relieve!

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Today was my fifth appointment at the genderclinic.
The diagnostic fase is now over!

Today we discussed my lifestory, and we talked about what kind of a man I am, about the lolita fashion (which he liked from what he saw on the photo’s I included in my lifestory), and about standing out in the crowd with my blue hair, lol. As for the results of my psychology test; nothing special (or alarming) came out of it. Seems I’m pretty normal, without any serious mental problems.

So, next week he will discuss my case to the rest, and 5 september it will be discussed with the genderteam, which will be quite briefly because he will discuss the entire case next week already. And I can call for the resulr the day after if I wanted to. (which I will because I want to start as soon as possible). According to my psychologist I will get the green light and start testosterone. After I get the green light, I have to make an appointment with the doctor to discuss about taking hormones. He also said that it will take a few weeks after that (depending on how many time the doctor has), so most likely I will be able to start in october. We briefly discussed about if I wanted to use injections or cream. I already said I would like to use the cream (this is luckily covered by my insurance, injections is not covered).

So, with only 5 appointments I can close the diagnostic fase, and a new chapter will soon begin ♥ You can imagine the big smile on my face when I walked to the trainstation, heading home. I’m happy it will soon finally begin!