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So, yesterday there was a small lolita market in the Bilt, where you could buy secondhand lolita clothing and accessories (and, if possible, trade).
I’ve went there several times already these past years, but always just as a visitor. Now, this time I went there to sell things. I brought some personal items I wanted to sell, and also brought some of my jewelry with me as well.

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A late post about the Ghost concert..

This concert was in June,the 11th, so I’m quite late with this post. But though I am late, I still wanted to make a post about it. It was my very first time seeing them live, and I believe it was also their first time in the Netherlands. I’ve been admiring this band for a while so I was thrilled to find out they were visiting. I bought two tickets (for my love and I), and off we went!

First there was the support act, Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies, of which I didn’t know. I did quite like the music, but wasn’t so fond of the vocals to be honest. So, I was happy that Ghost was after them..But we had to wait for a while before they came on stage.

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Last weekend I went to a doll event, called Dolliverse. I have been there before for several times, and also helped as a volunteer a few times. I have missed this event twice (I think), so I wanted to go again this time. As always I went there with my love, who also shares a love for these dolls (Ball jointed dolls). I knew some people that I know were also going to the event, so I was looking forward of seeing them again. I decided to wear a more fancy outfit this time, instead of wearing a t-shirt and some plain pants.

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So I went to the EFF last weekend. Let me tell you a bit more about our day at this wonderfull event. My love and I wanted to leave early from home, so we would be at the event early as well. But, we left the house a bit later because I was a bit slow getting ready with everything, as usual. We went by car and it takes about a little bit more then an hour, which is fine with me. It’s not so long and I prefer going by car instead of public transfer. When we arrived, we got our tickets (that we ordered and paid online) and got in line. This time we didn’t had to stand in line for a long time, but when you go around 13:00hrs the line is getting pretty long.

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Yesterday I went to the EFF (Elf Fantasy Fair), which is a fantasy event in Haarzuilens. My love and I always go there, and this year has been our 5th year in a row we attended the event. We always love it because of the atmosphere, seeing our friends, enjoying the food and music, the stalls and to see how everyone look in their outfits and costumes.

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April the 7th I went to Nijmegen, to visit the Valkhof museum.
They have a nice exhibition:Uit de plooi. De 18de eeuw in beweging (english translation:From the crease. The 18th century in motion)
The exhibition is there until 26 May 2013.
Their website: []

I actually was invited by Violet, who wanted to visit the museum with some friends and celebrate her birthday as well. She also posted about that day with a few of my photo’s here: []. Me, as chaotic and forgetfull as I am, noticed I forgot my present for her while I was already travelling with train. I felt a bit embarrassed that I forgot my small gifts. So I had them sent over the next day. I had a great day, I was in good company, the exhibition was lovely, everyone looked beautiful and the sun was nice and sunny.

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