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So, yesterday there was a small lolita market in the Bilt, where you could buy secondhand lolita clothing and accessories (and, if possible, trade).
I’ve went there several times already these past years, but always just as a visitor. Now, this time I went there to sell things. I brought some personal items I wanted to sell, and also brought some of my jewelry with me as well.

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My latest purchase has arrived; the Double belt long gilet (Men) from Moi-même-Moitié.
I love it so much already ヽ(○´ε`○)ノ The quality is so good, and I like the detailing.
I’ve only tried it on very quickly, but I can tell you that i’m in love ♥ The flowing of the fabric is magical, and the fabric is really soft. I’m planning to wear it to the gift swap meet-up in November. Can’t wait to show it!
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Last weekend was the Lolita Kawaii event. I bought myself a a ticket for the evening party, so I was able to see Misako Aoki, RinRin Doll and Scarlet Penta perform. Since I haven’t bought anything new, I changed the accesories and shoes to make it look a little bit different.

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Last weekend I went to a doll event, called Dolliverse. I have been there before for several times, and also helped as a volunteer a few times. I have missed this event twice (I think), so I wanted to go again this time. As always I went there with my love, who also shares a love for these dolls (Ball jointed dolls). I knew some people that I know were also going to the event, so I was looking forward of seeing them again. I decided to wear a more fancy outfit this time, instead of wearing a t-shirt and some plain pants.

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Yesterday I went to the EFF (Elf Fantasy Fair), which is a fantasy event in Haarzuilens. My love and I always go there, and this year has been our 5th year in a row we attended the event. We always love it because of the atmosphere, seeing our friends, enjoying the food and music, the stalls and to see how everyone look in their outfits and costumes.

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