Why do you blog?
I always felt the need to take note of everything I did, to keep track of everything that happend. When I was young I kept diaries to write down my feelings and
describe how every day went. Reflecting on the day helps me to remember and appreciate the little things more. I want to improve my beginning photography skills and practise my writing since I’m not very good with explaining myself in words. With this blog I want to involve everyone with similar interests, letting others take a look into my world. It’s my aim to turn this into a interesting yet visually appealing blog. I hope to meet and connect with other bloggers with similar interests and form new friendships.

Do you take your own photographs?
The vast majority are taken on my own with a tripod and self-timer (I really need to get myself a remote!). When I don’t make photo’s myself it’s my dearest partner that took them, which is rare.

What camera do you use?
I currently use a Canon 550D. It’s a pretty good camera, and it helps me very well with making blog posts and with taking photo’s when I’m in the mood. Besides, it’s not all about what equipment you have, it’s about being creative with the things you have.

Lolita, isn’t that for girls?
This is incorrect, there are many boys who love to wear a full Lolita outfit, and can look lovely in it. Lolita Fashion is not restricted by gender and the same rules about presentation and class still apply. If you don’t like dresses however, but still enjoy the general aesthetic of Lolita, Ouji or Aristocrat may be the style for you. As for me, I have decided to stop wearing dresses, because I don’t feel comfortable in it anymore. I’m currently switching to Aristocrat.

What do you blog about?
This is not a beauty blog, nor a fashion blog. This blog is about my daily life. This is the place where I post my outfits (casual and aristocrat), what I will make, have made and want to make. But also about meet-ups or events I attended. Further more I want to talk about my transition process (FtM), talking about my experiences and feelings. And every now and then I will also post a vlog.

Please feel free to comment my entries, or to follow me if you like. ♥


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