Last friday I had my fifth session. Now we colored the underarm with lots of blue ink!



It was quite painfull this time. To tattoo your elbow is not painless, but the most painfull part will remain the wrist, right on the bone. Right now, as I’m typing this entry, my arm is very swollen again, along with my hand. It’s painfull to move my arm and to stretch. So I hope the swollen skin will return to normal very soon because next week we’ll be in London already!

My mother was with me (as always), and filmed a bit of the tattoo session. Though I didn’t brought my good camera with me, so the quality is less good. But I’m glad to have some footage of it.


2 thoughts on “[23.8.2013]

    1. King_Chaos -

      Het doet nu meer pijn dan tijdens het tattoeƫren, het is heel gevoelig nu. Maar het is gelukkig even pijn lijden, en dan heb je wat moois. :D
      Wat jammer dat je huid er niet tegen kunt :(


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