Today was my fifth appointment at the genderclinic.
The diagnostic fase is now over!

Today we discussed my lifestory, and we talked about what kind of a man I am, about the lolita fashion (which he liked from what he saw on the photo’s I included in my lifestory), and about standing out in the crowd with my blue hair, lol. As for the results of my psychology test; nothing special (or alarming) came out of it. Seems I’m pretty normal, without any serious mental problems.

So, next week he will discuss my case to the rest, and 5 september it will be discussed with the genderteam, which will be quite briefly because he will discuss the entire case next week already. And I can call for the resulr the day after if I wanted to. (which I will because I want to start as soon as possible). According to my psychologist I will get the green light and start testosterone. After I get the green light, I have to make an appointment with the doctor to discuss about taking hormones. He also said that it will take a few weeks after that (depending on how many time the doctor has), so most likely I will be able to start in october. We briefly discussed about if I wanted to use injections or cream. I already said I would like to use the cream (this is luckily covered by my insurance, injections is not covered).

So, with only 5 appointments I can close the diagnostic fase, and a new chapter will soon begin ♥ You can imagine the big smile on my face when I walked to the trainstation, heading home. I’m happy it will soon finally begin!


6 thoughts on “[9.8.2013]

  1. VelvetBat -

    Congrats! :D That’s so awesome! :D
    And I hope you’ll be able to start the hormones soon!

    (I’m a bit jealous I must say, they’ve planned me in for 6 appointments, with the last one being at September 26th. ;__;)

    1. King_Chaos -

      Thanks! It will probably start in october, but secretly I hope it start sooner than that.

      Oh don’t be too jealous, you’re time will also come. You signed up just a bit later then me, so it will happen soon for you as well (though this can never be soon enough, haha) I initially had planned 6 appointments as well, but one got canceled in the beginning.


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