It has been two weeks ago since I had my last tattoo session.


It’s healing pretty good! I didn’t had any troubles. Though I rarely get zits, I do got one on my tattoo. Such a odd place to get one on your shoulder T____T Luckily it’s quite small. But the flower looks so good, I’m in love with the colors ♥ My hair is now blue with green, so it matches pretty well with my tattoos at the moment, haha!

Tomorrow it’s time to visit the gender clinic again. My psychologist last told me we would discuss the psychology test, and also the lifestory I had to write. Not sure if we can discuss everything tomorrow though…I’m really curious how everything will go. And if the psychology test will say that I’m crazy (of course I am, isn’t everyone a little bit crazy?).

Not entirely sure what to do this weekend, but atleast there is a little birthday party of a dear friend of mine, which M and I will attend. And oh my, the wedding is next week already! O__O I’m so excited for my friend who is getting married, but I’m still nervous about the fact that I’ll be her wedding photographer since it will be my first wedding to shoot. Of course I will do my very best, but it’s still a it nerve-wrecking (what if I fail?). But I’m very curious how her dress looks like!

And I’ve ordered my very first kigurimu, a panda one ♥ I’ve been wanting one for ages already, so I can’t wait for it to arrive. M and several friends also ordered one, and we tend to walk around in it for atleast one day once we’re in London. Fun times ahead!


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