Another outfit post!



Just one more week, and then it’s finally time for my first tattoo session of my future full sleeve ♥

Outfit Rundown
Blouse – Topman
Top – H&M
Pants – H&M
Shoes – Episode
Necklace – Claire’s
Bracelets – H&M

Futhermore I’ve just started with the Insanity work-out plan, and I’ve just finished the second day. It’s really intense, so I hope I will manage to keep up! I use the insanity work-out plan, and afterwards I do my regular work-out for a bit. I really want those muscles, especially on my arms!
I also want to eat more healthy, and more fruits, so I’ve started with getting helathy food only, otherwise I’ll slack and eat junkfood. I’ve joined a motivation group on Facebook, so hopefully it will also help to keep me motivated, and to reach my goals.

These are my main goals at the moment:
☆ Work-out (not losing weight, but gaining muscles)
☆ Eat more vegetarian meals
☆ Eat more fruits
☆ Skip soda entirely (currently only drink soda at events, nothing at home for several months already)



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