I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on my blog before; but I have moved to a different city. I think it’s a little bit more than a month ago since I’ve packed up my things. We’re still not completely settled, there’s still lots of stuff is in boxes (resulting in having to check each box to find a certain thing).  Sudo seems to have adjusted, which is a good thing. The first few days he really needed to get used to the new place, and finding a new favourite place to sit/lay in the living room.
He’s also almost 10 months now, I can’t believe time is flying so fast!  I made these snapshots with him not too long ago, and thought of sharing these with you.
He looks so adorable in these ♥

What I wanted to blog about is that I went to my surgeon last week to discuss my options for breast surgery. She was a very friendly (and fun) lady, and I have a good feeling about everything. She had to take a look at my chest to see which option would be possible for me, and also showed a result in photo’s of someone who had similar chest size as I do. I really like the results, so I hope everything will go well. I now need to wait on the required ‘green light’ from the genderclinic, in order to go through with the surgery. The surgeon told me that I need to call her right away when I have it (they will discuss this tomorrow at the clinic, but I’m not worried about that). If she knows she will contact my insurance right away to get their approval (because this can take up for about 3 weeks to get their approval) and than we can plan the surgery. I also have another appointment with another surgeon, which will be in the beginning of november. This is because I want to have a combined operation, meaning that I will have the following removed all at once: breasts, uturus and overaries.
It’s also possbile to have the breast surgery first, and have the removal of uturus/overaries later, but I don’t want to have 2 seperate operations for this.

I’m really looking forward to have it all done, so that I can finally have that flat chest I desire for. To be able to swim, walk around topless or just not having to wear that stupid binder to keep everything as flat as possible. I can finally wear a bit more tight fitting shirts, which I have been avoiding to wear at the moment. Anyways, I’m really excited and hope it can all be done quite soon!


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