Yesterday I met some of my friends again, to celebrate my birthday (and of a friend of mine) but mostly to have a wonderfull day together. I had such a blast; we catched up and had lots of laughter. First we sat down for a drink and something to eat, and right away they were giving me and my friend presents. The gifts were perfect, and I love them alot! In the video below I’m showing them ♥ But if you don’t/can’t watch the video you can also look at the photo’s I’ve made of them.

After eating our lunch and alot of talking, we went to the Primark. Here I bought a sweater. It was really crowded and soon we lost half of our group. We actually had to send each other messages by phone in order to find each other again. After we were done at Primark we went to get some drinks, and since we talked so long the stores were closing and we headed out to a Thai restaurant. The food was lovely!

Hmmm I wonder why they didn’t ask if we wanted to have deserts?
We’re royal napkin king and queens!

Now onto the awesome gifts (and grey sweater I bought at Primark)
IMG_4208_2 IMG_4210_2
IMG_4212_2 IMG_4214_2IMG_4216_2
IMG_4227_3 IMG_4196_2

So what did I got?
Coloring book for adults, candy (chocolate/grape), LED bunny lamp,  handmade necklace, deer patch, 3 sorts of black lace, awesome beads, H&M gift card (yay!),cards, epic Darth Vader shirt and a toy and glutefree snacks for Sudo. I’m really happy with my presents, they are perfect ♥ And Sudo loves his new squeeky toy and snacks! I hope we will meet again soon, because I already miss my amazing friends
It was nice to have a relaxing fun day and to be able to leave the house again.

P.S: I just listened to my voice in this video, and damn, it sounds so different! I have to get used to it myself. Of course I know my voice sounds different, but when you’re hearing yourself back on video it always sounds different from how you sound like in your head. It’s like I hear someone else talking and not me, how funny!


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