Yesterday I had another tattoo session. It doesn’t take that much longer before it’s finally finished. I can’t wait fo it to be all done! This time we did the blue on the shoulder, and around the moth, and also on the inside of the upper arm, towards the armpit. It was as painful as the previous session (because we did the elbow back then). Some parts I didn’t feel, but some parts were a bit sensitive. Next time we will do the elbow again (yikes!), the last part close to the armpit needs to be colored (as you can see on the pic), and we need to add another row on the back of my shoulder.

The arm is yet again swollen, but luckily not as bad as the last time. It doesn’t hurt that much either now, and I could sleep on it as well, even though I didn’t had a good night of rest. Next time will be a difficult session, and I’m not looking forward to the following pain, haha!


Next appointment is planned in the first week of December.


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