Today I had my third appointment at the genderclinic!

This time I had to bring my partner along, because my psychologist wanted to ask several questions. He also asked some very private things, and we also talked a bit about the operations, and if I also wanted to remove my uterus. He also asked if we had the desire of wanting children. We replied that we do want to have children, but not the natural way. I just cannot imagine myself being pregnant, having that big belly and to deliver a baby. We would prefer the option of adoption. But at this moment we feel we are not ready for children yet (especially not during the transitioning!). We want to do alot of things before we will think of trying to adopt a child. When I look around I see many people around my age getting pregnant, or already having a child. Right now I don’t think I would be able to handle having a child, since I have already alot of thing on my mind. Plus we are still young (and my love is even younger than me, and too young to become a parent).

Anyway, the psychologist asked my partner how he reacted after my coming-out and such, and if it has been a surprise or not. Also if it has been noticable in our relationship, how I acted, and how our relationship with develop after the whole transitioning process. Will I be happy afterwards, or is it enough to stay like this when friends and family are using my desired name…And what I would do if operations weren’t possible for medical reasons. And if I really needed to transition all the way, and questions like how I would feel if people would see me as a ‘guy who used to be a girl’ person when they would see me after transitioning (I said I didn’t care since I would still have the body I wanted). My psychologist is now also calling me DamiĆ«n, instead of my birth name, so that’s nice, since he didn’t do that before. There were also some questions about our sexlife, so it was a bit private, though I had no problems talking about that subject. I’m pretty open about it actually.

The whole conversation went pretty well, and it might be so that I don’t need any more appointments after the ones I have already planned (2 appointments left!). He said that he wanted my mother to come along with me the next time (which will be over 3 weeks!), and that he probably will talk about hormones and their effects after that appointment…so that would be great, if I don’t need to make more appointments than the ones we have already made. Because there’s really nothing else we can discuss actually. It’s all cristal clear for me, but also for my psychologist. I need to transition in order to become happy. I really hope the diagnostic fase will end soon, I want to move further so badly!!


6 thoughts on “[4.6.2013]

    1. King_Chaos -

      Yes! :D I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I’m really hoping it will be done after 2 more appointments! We both felt like we don’t really have anything else to discuss about my feelings and such since I’m so sure of everything, so I’m crossing my fingers!

  1. Vief -

    So, so happy to read that things are so clear and hopefully happening the way you want them to so you can start to move along a bit faster!
    Fingers crossed!


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