Several of you know that I started to work-out. I have been on and off the Insanity work-out schedule due to my health.
So I had some breaks in between and did a other work-out.


In these last 2 months I’m taking it alot more seriously and I want to keep track of the progress. Every now and then I want to take a few snapshots to see if there is any difference, and also to show it. Since I’m not working out for a long time the results are very, very little. But, I do notice improvements! My condition is getting alot better and my lungs are hurting less than in the beginning, so that’s a good thing. I also feel alot more confident then when I started. So, I hope to keep this all up so I can build up some more muscles.

The beginning has been made! Now I have to work even harder to get the results I want.
I like this comparison photo, and I like how I like at the moment if I have to chose. I even start to like my arms, which is such a rare case because I used to hate them with a passion (people used to make fun of my arms which was very hurtful to me). So I’m going the right way ( ⌒▽⌒)



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