A late post about the Ghost concert..

This concert was in June,the 11th, so I’m quite late with this post. But though I am late, I still wanted to make a post about it. It was my very first time seeing them live, and I believe it was also their first time in the Netherlands. I’ve been admiring this band for a while so I was thrilled to find out they were visiting. I bought two tickets (for my love and I), and off we went!

First there was the support act, Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies, of which I didn’t know. I did quite like the music, but wasn’t so fond of the vocals to be honest. So, I was happy that Ghost was after them..But we had to wait for a while before they came on stage.


I also filmed a bit, but the quality is poor..

And then…Ghost!!



They were incredible live! It was an awesome show to watch and Papa Emeritus II Was such a charmer. I’m glad we were quite close to the stage, so that I was able to watch everything. These photo’s and video’s are the best I have..My camera and phone battery died during the concert, so my love had to film as well. The quality is terrble, I have to admit, but better to have something than nothing right?

It was worth all my money to have seen them live, and if you like this kind of music and Ghost is coming, it’s deff. recommended to see them live! ♥ I had such a blast that evening!


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