[29.4.2014] Update

I can’t believe with how busy I am lately!
Me and four friends are organising a masked lolita ball, and have been working on it for atleast half a year, and this weekend it’s finally time ♥ I can’t wait for it, I’m sure it will be amazing and that we will have a fantastic time. Though I’m also nervous because it’s quite a big event to organise.

I also will have a stand with my shop, Senor Bear, so I’m also busy with preparing on that; sorting out the products and what to bring, pricing everything and what not. And I made some new products to see at the event, and also made accessories that people can win with the lottery. I hope I won’t forget anything! My workplace has been very chaotic, I really need to organise everything again in order to find things. I did clean up my letter trays again, which was very needed (you really don’t want to know how it looked like before, with piles of notes).
Anyway, there will also be some workshops and a outfit contest where there will be prices. I’m so curious what everyone will be wearing ♥ I can’t wait to see my friends again, and to meet new people.


As for my outfit I will wear aristocrat (obviously). And I will wear my brand new long vest from Black Peace Now for men. It’s a quite simple vest, but I think it’s easy to combine it with lots of other blouses and such, and also with accessories. I’ll be wearing a awesome black mask, which makes me feel (and look) like a supervillain, and I hope my blouses will arrive in time (I bought two Moitié blouses; white and black). I fear they will arrive too late, but there’s still hope. Otherwise I’ll just have to wear my other blouse. I’m not sure which accessories I’m going to wear, maybe I’ll make something just in time for the event. Which I have done before when I went to Frock on! in London. And which I still haven’t made a post about, even though it was last year in August (shame on me!). I should make that post soon!


This is going to be a very busy weekend!
On thursday we will be doing the shopping for the food, and on friday we’ll decorate the location.
Saturday will be the event and I’m pretty sure I’ll be dead tired afterwards, and the day after I’m going to a Korn concert which will also make me feel dead tired afterwards. Though lucky for me they’ll be in Eindhoven, so I can just hop on my bicycle haha! I’m really looking forward to see them again, it will be my third time (I’ve been a diehard fan for about 12 years now ♥). So, a very busy, but fun weekend is ahead of me.

Sidenote: 1,5 week ago it has been 2 years ago already since my public coming out. Even though the whole transitioning process seems to take forever (especially now with the Real Life Experience), time seems to fly by when you’re busy. Im happy to be so busy, few years ago I had nothing to do (graduated and no job), time went by so slowly back then, and now I wish I had more time! I’m a gamer, yet I don’t have the time to play, even though I keep buying more games :’)

Little timeline below: Few days before coming out – 1 year after coming out (No testosteron yet) – now; 2 years after coming out (7+ months on testosteron). It’s funny how a person can change right?



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