[28.7.2015] It has been a while!

It has been ages since my last post here and I do apologise!
Life had (and still have) been very busy. It has been a little bit more then 6 months so I figured to write a update.
A lot has happened in the meanwhile, like the top surgery.


In the past 6 months I had gained more weight, which I didn’t like so I had to get rid of it. I’m still not where I want to be, but I can now finally see some changes ^^ My face was quite round, but as you can see in the photo above, it’s not that round now.
This photo has been made yesterday, and even wearing my favorite shirt; Deathly hallows from Harry Potter ♥

Anyway, so I had my top surgery in January which went well. Had some check-ups afterwards and we saw that there was still some tissue left at both sides of my chest. So I needed a correction surgery so she could remove the remaining tissue, which she had done with liposuction. This time I didn’t had to stay at the hospital for several days; I could even leave the same day. I had to go to the hospital quite early, around 8am in Amsterdam (which is a while for me to drive to so I had to leave the house early). At 12.00hrs I was supposed to have my surgery, so I was getting ready and put on my surgery robe around 10.45hrs. But I was lucky, I had my surgery at 11:00! I think I was back in my room after the surgery around 16:00hrs, and I left the hospital at 17:00hrs. I was still very drozy from the narcotics so I constantly fell asleep while sitting in the car. Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving haha! I said I would possibly post a photo afterwards, so here is one. This one is taken just a few days after my correction surgery. Looks pretty flat right? I’m happy with the results ^^ All I have to do now is work out some more so I can have some more muscle haha :p


And some other news: I became a big brother again!
My mother gave birth to my baby brothers on the 6th of July. It was a triplet, but, unfortunantly one of them died :c  They are incredibly small so they are currently still at the hospital until they have gained more weight. I still haven’t seen them because only my mother is allowed to go and see them for now, so I can’t wait to see the little ones! I’m so curious! I like the names my mom has given to them: Joshue and Ajani (and Ibra, who deceased shortly after his birth). I know what you may think; wow, at that age (she’s 50).  But please don’t judge if you don’t know the entire story.
See the two awesome (green and blue) dinosaur plushies? Since my mother already had everything and I didn’t need to get her anything, I decided to just give these (they’re from Primark!) since I couldn’t resist. Hurry up tiny ones, we’re waiting for you to finally come home!


And other than that I have just been quite busy with my shop, making (and selling of course) jewelry. And I’m still busy with it! I need to upload lots of jewelry to the website, and also need to make something lovely as a donation for a rather big lolita event in the UK! But I haven’t just been working all the time; though I have been working a lot with little free time and very limited social life. I’ve also taken some breaks by playing video games, and lots of drawing. I’m really enjoying that as well, because it has been ages since I had drawn. Here’s something I’ve drawn (my DeviantArt is Kingpoof):


And other than that I have been a lot more active with another (expensive) hobby of mine. I’m not really wearing EGA style anymore, but I’m keeping the clothing I have for special occasions, and I might go to a meet-up again if I feel like it. Though I don’t really feel that comfortable to do that at the moment, so I’m just wearing ‘regular’ clothing nowadays because I feel much better in it (and it’s just more practical with a white shepherd dog). I’m really struggling with my social anxiety so I like to keep myself busy and distracted by spending more time (or atleast trying to) to one of my current hobbies.

Well then, this has been quite the long update post…sorry not sorry!
Thank you for reading, if you did ^^’ Hope you are all doing well!


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