I have been looking for a pair of black circle lenses (with my prescription) for a while, and finally I had found exactly what I was looking for! I found the perfect pair of lenses at EyeCandy’s.


Website: ☆Click
I went for the GEO Magic Black. Prescriptions -5.00 and -5.25.
Link product: ☆Click


EyeCandy’s have mailed me 3 mails; to confirm my order, to tell it’s about to get shipped and when they have shipped it. They also provide a tracking code for you.
lense order

Placed order 7-03-2013
Awaiting shipment 8-03-2013
Order shipped 12-03-2013
Order arrived 21-03-2013


The lenses were send in a bubble plastic envelope, and everything inside the envelope was also wrapped in bubble plastic. So everything was packed well, and it couldn’t break while sending. Note: I also noticed they have lowered the value on the envelope. I didn’t asked for that, they did that themselves.


They feel very comfortable, and they arrived safely. It was exactly what I had ordered and it looks very good.



Here you can see a comparison of the lense worn, and without (I normally wear contact lenses).



I quite like these lenses alot! It was my first time ordering circle lenses and wearing them, but I like how they look. And they are very comfortable to wear as well. I’m already used to wearing contact lenses, so it was easy for me to put them in and such. I would definitely order from them again!



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