Today I wanted to take some snapshots, but since it was too dark inside we made these snapshots outside, on our balcony. A nice change for once.
My love took these for me, so that I didn’t had the hassle of working with the selftimer.


Outfit Rundown
T-shirt – Topman
Pants – H&M
Shoes – Dr. Martens
NecklaceSenor Bear
Bracelets – H&M

Here you can also have a somewhat better view of my tattoo. It’s healing well, and doesn’t itch as much as it did when I had the lining work done. I wish I had a money tree because I’m lacking new clothes, but most of my money is going to my sleeve tattoo at the moment ∩( ・д・)∩ So I need to be a little more patient. The necklace I’m wearing is made by me (my webshop is called Senor Bear). The outfit is pretty simple, but I like it.


Not so long ago I recieved stickers from Jenny, who runs the blog Rocknrollerr.com
Go check her out! ♥ She has an awesome sense of styling and posts alot of outfit posts, purchases and ebay findings.



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