Today I had my fourth appointment at the genderclinic.

This time I had to make the psychology test. It’s a very long test which can take up about 2-3 hours. I had alot of paperwork to fill in, and sometimes the psychologist asked me some questions. I also had a list with beginning sentences, which I had to fill in. There were alot of questions like “Do you hear voices?”, “Have you ever wanted to commit suicide?”, “Do you think people are reading your mind?” and “Do you see things that other people don’t see?”. And I also needed to draw a man and a woman. And there was also a figure with body parts, which you had to fill in how (un)pleased you are with those parts. This test went well. The results will be send to my own psychologist later.

After this test I also had an appointment with my psychologist, and I needed to bring my mother with me. He asked her some questions that were a bit similar to the ones he asked my partner, but the conversation with my partner was much longer and more in depth. I thought the conversation wasn’t that long, and soon enough we finished our talk.

My next appointment will be in the beginning of August, since he will be on vacation in July. After that appointment they will have a short counceling, and in september there will be a another counceling where they will discuss my progress and if I will get the infamous ‘green light’ to start hormones. So everything is going well and according to plan! I’m not foreseeing any problems with this, and I expect to get that green light, but it’s still very exciting of course ( ⌒▽⌒)


4 thoughts on “[25.7.2013]

  1. VelvetBat -

    Drawing a man and a woman? I hope they’ll accept stick figures then. :’)
    And the thing where you have to fill in how happy you are with certain body parts, that was also included in the screening surveys? O_o (but just as a list, without an image or something)

    But good to hear that everything went well and that everything is going according to plan! Hopefully you’ll get your green light soon! :D

    1. King_Chaos -

      Yes, it’s like the same as the screening survey! And thanks, I also hope I will get the green light soon! Just have to wait until september :p


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