Another outfit post!


I’m wearing my new clothing that I bought last weekend.

Outfit Rundown
Shirt – H&M
Pants – H&M
Socks – Monki
Shoes – Doc. Martens
Bracelets – H&M / Primark / Offbrand
Sunglasses – H&M

I’m pretty much wearing a complete H&M outfit today, haha!
I love my socks, I think the motif is kinda cool.


I was feeling sad, because someone passed away this day. She was a close friend to my mother and grandma, and I’ve known her as long as I can remember. Such a amazing person with a heart of gold, really one of the kindest persons you would met. She got sick and it was only a matter of time for her to pass away. The pain was too much for her to handle, so they had to perform euthanasia. It’s painfull, but for the best, as long as she didn’t had any pain in the end. My thoughts were with her this day, and I burned a candle for her. † Rest in peace dear ♥ We will miss you alot but will never forget you, as heaven has gained a big star…


A few hours later I was seeing a few of my friends, so that was nice. I’m happy I was able to get some distraction, and trying to relax. We had lunch, shopped a little bit and later had dinner together at one of my fav. places in my city. They serve the most delicious gyouza! I bought two basic shirts, which I might alter later, and a very lovely umbrella. Finally a real gentlemens umbrella, haha! It’s so stylish ♥



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