Last week I went to the Elf Fantasy Fair in Arcen.


I was there along with the rest of the Crew of Pretty Cute Magazine, an open-minded, creative magazine for lolitas all around the world. We were there the entire weekend (some slept there, but I went back home every evening since I don’t live that far away from the event. It was alot of fun! People could stop by and have a chat with us, drink some tea and take a look at our magazines. The tent was cozy ♥


On the first day I wore lolita, but only for a few hours. I wanted to give it another try, but I still feel uncorfortable to wear lolita again. I felt terrible and insecure in lolita, and wearing a dress as a guy just isn’t the thing for me. I was already doubting if I should do it when we were still back home, and I wish I didn’t put on that dress in the first place. But oh well…we did took a few photo’s of my outfit.
So, after a few hours my love and I drove back home quickly, and changed clothing. We both wore our kigurumi’s, which was alot more comfortable!


The day after I wasn’t feeling too well, and my lungs were painfull. So, the next day we went to the event a few hours later, after I took some pain medication. This day we just wore normal clothing.

Here is a photo of me with two of my friends; Anne (left) and Stacey (middle). Stacey is also part of the Pretty Cute crew. We had a little break and ate some meat on a stick. It tasted very good!


And some snapshots I made that weekend, though I didn’t make that many because I was mostly in the tent the entire weekend. I took more photo’s, but I’m quite picky with showing them..The location was quite big, with gorgeous gardens!



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