Time for another post about my latest purchases!


This pendant contains a real spider! I love it so much..even though I’m actually scared of (living) spiders. I’ve already made a necklace of it. I also got this real(!!) jaw of an animal (don’t know which one). I’ve turned it into a necklace as well, though it’s not finished. Once I’m done, I will post it. I both bought these at the Elf Fantasy Fair in Arcen, last weekend. ♥ Might possibly make a post about it later!


Yesterday I went to the city with my love, who bought The Hobbit for me. I love that movie alot! We watched it in the evening, along with some yummy cake (^_^)


And these are the things I got myself: A brown leather bracelet, a pair of grey pants and a thin sweater. All from the H&M. The bracelet is something I already had in black, but I love the design so much that I wanted to have it in brown as well. I also fell in love with one of their umbrella’s, so I think I will buy that one on tuesday, when I’m in the city again, with friends  ♥ Can’t wait to wear my new clothing, will wear them tuesday and try to make a outfit post of it.

IMG_0303_2 IMG_0297_2


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