So today my new Qwertee shirts arrived!


So Qwertee is not a new company for me. I’ve ordered from them everal times before.
This time, I bought two shirts. I saw they had a awesome shirt with Bender on it, but decided to wait a bit longer. The next day they had a Star Wars print, and it was also the last possibility to buy the Bender shirt. Since I liked them both alot, I decided to just purchase them both, before I was too late.

Review about my first Qwertee order can be read here: [♥]
Other Qwertee purchases can also been seen in the ‘Other’ section on this blog.


And again, I’m pleased with their services. I ordered the shirts on 9 november, got a mail that they were shipped on 14 november.
And now, a week later (21 november), they have arrived.
I think the prints are epic! Can’t wait to wear them ♥


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