The Lolita Kawaii event took place, and I was all excited to go there since I was looking forward to see my friends again, and to see the performances. ♥


The first performance was from Misako, she sang her song ‘Lolitina’. Doesn’t she look adorable?
I wish I filmed the entire performance, but better something than nothing right?


Right after Misako’s song, RinRin got on the stage, and sang her song. This was her first debut of her song ‘Kira Kira Dreamy’.The second song was ‘Ram no Love song’ (cover), and the last song ‘oyasumi kiss me’. Her outfit was so cute, it had a little bunny tail on the back!

After RinRin’s performance we could all walk around, and have a chat with everyone. I stumbled upon the dear Hoa, who I know for several years but never met in real life. We finally met ♥ She always look amazing, and she was very kind!


Then it was time for the outfit contest! Alot of my friends were participating and everyone looked amazing ♥ I tried to take a few snapshots instead of filming.





Time to party like only lolita’s can!!


Then it was time for the fashionshow from Linda Friesen, of the brand 4 ‘o clock, to show her new collection. Everything looked so good *___*


Performance of Scarlet Penta, who had a acoustic set. Different from her album, but still very nice! Too bad she didn’t sang ‘Summers II’ though, I really like that song! So maybe next time haha :p


After her performance it was time to announce the winners of the outfit contest. So exciting, who will win? Everyone looked so pretty, and you could see that everyone took alot of time and thought in their outfits, as they all looked so unique and creative ♥


And here are the winners of the outfit contest, don’t they look beautiful? At the end of the event we all took a groupphoto, that was made by the photographer. And then we also took a few snapshots, and were on a photo together with Misako and RinRin ♥ They are very sweet!


Here are my purchases; a button, book and postcards of Misako. Misako was kind enough to sign the book for me.


I had such a blast, and it was nice to have met some new people, and people I only knew from the internet. I truly hope to see everyone again soon, and that we will have amazing events like this one more often ♥


4 thoughts on “[20.7.2013]

  1. Violet -

    It was an amazing day. It was so nice to see you there. I like all your pictures! Expect for my charming face in the party picture, haha. I really like the picture with the contest winners, everyone looks so happy. ^__^ Especially Renske, she deserved to win!

    The fashion show from 4 o’clock was wonderful. I enjoyed watching it! Now I want a new dress. :P

    Thanks for filming the performances and the fashion show. I’m glad I can watch it again.
    I hope there will be more special events like this. That would be awesome! :D

    1. King_Chaos -

      Oh I don’t think your face looks that bad in the party picture :p It was a fun day, filled with amazing people ♥ I also like the photo of the contest winners, because you can see how happy Renske is, so touching!

      I’m also happy I filmed everything, I like watching it back for memories. And there was also a good photographer so I knew there would be great photo’s, but a lack of video material :)

      Can’t wait for SD to see everyone again :D

  2. Mila de Blois -

    That seemed to be such a nice event ! I wish I could went there~ Not only you could meet Misako and Rinrin but the atmosphere seemed so friendly and great *^*

    The girl that won the Btssb bag really deserved it, she was beautiful in her coordination <3

    Thank you for the report ! (^-^)

    1. King_Chaos -

      Even though I only went there in the evening, it was alot of fun. The atmosphere was amazing! I saw alot of my friends and also new people, and everyone was just so friendly and kind ♥ Renske, the girl who won lokked beautiful, I was already rooting for her to win since that outfit was just perfect :D


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