Not too long ago I was 9 months on testosteron.
So, let’s see how everything is going…

In the meanwhile there aren’t any new changes..though I’m starting to get a more facial hair now..hair on my chin and some in my neck as well. I also found a few hairs where my sideburns would come..so that’s nice. I still need to get used to shaving though, I have such a sensitive skin ;__; My voice is still the same, I don’t think it has lowered anymore. Though with the cold I’m currently still having, my voice is a bit lower then usual (especially in the morning; then it’s really low!). In my last update I talked about having to stop taking my orgametril pills to see if the bloodloss has stopped. And it seems that it has stopped (finally!). I really hope it will remain like this, but I’m still worried if it comes back..so..*fingers crossed*

Mental changes: less stressed and irritated. I was feeling extremely stressed lately but luckily I feel much better at the moment. Still somewhat stresed, but I’m happy it’s not that bad now. I’m happy I have some friends who help me with great distractions.♥ Another positive thing: The last month I’m passing quite well! Not a single time did someone call me ‘miss’, not a single time did someone used the wrong pronounces. I’ve made new friends and they don’t know I’m trans..and I pass perfectly! *dances* I’m so happy with that!

And here’s a selfie, the most recent one..with glasses! I really don’t like showing myself with my glasses on, but, I kinda like this one so I thought of sharing it with you all. (I like my eyes in this one)..


Sidenote: Recently I have sold one of my lolita dresses..This one was very special to me for several reasons..but, I decded to let it go because I don’t want to keep it hanging in my closet while it will never be worn again..So, I sold it to a good friend, of which I knew it was on her wishlist and it made her very happy that she was able to buy it from me. So I”m happy with that, because it will have a good owner. It was a bit hard to let go, but I’m ready for it.

On july the 11th I have my 3rd check-up at the genderclinic. Hope everything goed well, but I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t. Now let the weekend begin! Oh, and today M and I are together for 7, 5 years! ♥ So yay!


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