Yesterday I had another tattoo session. This time the tattooshop was moved to a new building, and it looked amazing!
It’s very roomy, and I love all the boedha statues that were standing all over the place. ♥
My mother came along with me, as she always does. So she took these snapshots with her phone (that’s me in the chair!)


This time the flowers on my upper arm were colored. In between we had a break, and my mother took these snapshots as well.


After the session was over I went to my parents place, and I saw my upper arm was already a bit swollen. I didn’t had this problem when I got the lining, but with coloring it’s just more intensive. Some little parts on my under arm were touched up as well.

This photo is taken today, the day after. And yes, I’m not wearing a binder today because of the humid weather. I don’t like this photo that much because of that, but oh well. With this weather I tend to get pain from my lungs easier, so I don’t want to risk anything by wearing a binder with this weather right now. I also haven’t worked out in a while because of having some problems with my lungs at the moment. I’m taking a short break and then I will start a different work-out with Shaun T, and will start the whole Insanity work-out again later, from the beginning.

Coloring in the tattoo wasn’t too bad, but it’s quite sensitive when it’s done on the inside of the arm, and close to the elbow. And I need one more flower to be colored (on my schoulder), though I’m not looking forward to that because it’s probably not going to be painless ( ・_・) And neither will it be painless to color the entire arm so I’m screwed haha *wants to hide the elbow*


And today my love and I are together for 6,5 years ♥ I’m happy to be in this relationship, because my love is the best person ever. I would never want to trade this sweetheart for anyone in the world!
( ´・‿-)~♥ I want to spend my entire life together with my dear, this is true love~


2 thoughts on “[20.6.2013]

  1. Nate -

    Your tattoo looks good! I’m happy the weather isn’t too warm at the moment for you! Well, here there isn’t a sun shine to find XD
    And congratulations with your 6,5 years of relationship ^^

    1. King_Chaos -

      Thank you, I like how vibrant the colors look like :) I can’t wait to have it all finished!

      It’s actually too warm right now! And because it’s so warm I can’t wear a binder because I always get pain from my lungs when it’s warm outside. And it’s pretty annoying to have this plastic wrapped around my arm, but oh well, can’t do much about it :p

      And thanks! I never expected to have a relationship for so long!


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