Yesterday I went to the EFF (Elf Fantasy Fair), which is a fantasy event in Haarzuilens. My love and I always go there, and this year has been our 5th year in a row we attended the event. We always love it because of the atmosphere, seeing our friends, enjoying the food and music, the stalls and to see how everyone look in their outfits and costumes.


Most of the times we went there I was dressed with gothic lolita clothing, but since I don’t wear that anymore I decided I wanted to wear a aristocrat outfit. Before going home I asked my dear to make a few photo’s of me, for my outfit. My hair is already much flatter here, at the end of the day. Here is my outfit:


Outfit Rundown
Necklace – H&M
Pin – Topman
Rings – H&M

8 thoughts on “[20.4.2013]

  1. Violet -

    It’s an amazing outfit!! Aristocrat suits you so well. ^__^ Do you plan to wear it more often? And you hair, I really like it.


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