Today I had a appointment at the genderclinic.
This time I had a echo, where I had to drink 7 glasses of water, 2 hours beforehand. This was quite the challenge because you weren’t allowed to go to the bathroom. On my way to the genderclinic (the trip takes about 1.5hours for me to get there), I really needed to go to the bathroom and wasn’t able to wait any longer. So, I went. Luckily I brought plenty of drinks with me, so I quickly drank alot of water again. This was enough for the echo. When I arrived my bladder wasn’t too happy about the amount of water I drank and decided I needed to go to the bathroom again. But, I had to wait just a bit longer until after the echo. Luckily it was done very fast, because the woman that had to do the echo knew I had to go to the toilet really bad after all that water :p It was so weird to have that echo. It’s the exact same echo you get when you’re pregnant and want to see the baby. She had to take a look at my uterus and ovaries, to see if everything was well. And luckily it was. Afterwards I rushed to the toilet; such sweet relieve!


Then, I had an appoitnment with my doctor there, to talk about how everything is going so far, and to take new measurements, and see how much I weight now. Seemd I gained quite the amount of weight, compared to three months ago, when I had to weight myself as well. 7,8kg have I gained! I also had to take of my clothing when being measured, and this feels a bit awkward; standing behind a curtain, topless and with you pants and boxers slightly dropped :’)

Then, I had my appointment with my psychologist; this was a short conversation. It didn’t take any longer than 15 minutes. We talked how everything was going, now that I’m on testosteron. About the changes I’m going through. He also said he noticed the little bit of facial hair and that my voice was indeed changing. I’m glad to hear that. The receptionist told me I also had to get my blood taken again. And she said “I’m sure you’re seen as a guy nowadays already, aren’t you?” I replied saying that this wasn’t so, and that people still called me ‘miss’. She was really surprised and said that I didn’t look female to her at all. I was happy to hear that, because I don’t pass most of the time, but I said I just have to wait a little bit longer and that it will come eventually. After I was done with everything, I headed back to the train station and finally indulged on some food. I was so hungry, after not being allowed to eat that day for the echo.

Now I need to go back in the first week of April, and then I will be on testosteron for 6 months.
Who knows how I will sound like, and how I may look. I’m very curious about it!

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ And today it’s also my 7 year anniversary with M! ♥ I couldn’t be more happier with this relationship than I am right now!


6 thoughts on “[20.12.2013]

  1. Vief -

    Glad to hear everything is going well! Ik ben ook benieuwd naar next time!!
    En gefeliciteeeeeerd met jullie anniversary!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. VelvetBat -

    That water-echo will be such a challenge for me as well! No matter how empty my bladder is, when I take a bus or a train, I need to pee so badly as well. >__< So I think when my time is there, I'll just get there 2 hours before the appointment, drink the water there, and then wait (and try to think about other things, and move as little as possible XD).

    But glad to hear that everything was ok. :)
    I am very surprised to hear that you are still not passing a 100%. On your photos you look like a guy, when I heard your last video I definitely heard a guy's voice there too. Or are those who still call you 'miss' people who already knew you?
    Either way, looking forward to see/hear your upcoming changes as well! :D

    And congrats with your anniversary with your significant other. I am so happy for you that you found eachother, you really look like the perfect couple. And I hope that you'll have many many more years together! :D

    1. King_Chaos -

      I have such a week bladder, it seems impossible to drink such a big amount of water and not being able to go to the toilet. But, in the last 30 minutes before my arrival there (about 1 hour before my appointment), I drank 1 small bottle of water, and it appeared that it was also enough for the echo for me. So that’s good to know ^_^

      People who call me ‘miss’ don’t know me, and most of them I don’t see again afterwards. People who do know are referring to me corectly, so that’s a good thing. Though people at our local supermarket and post office also call me ‘miss’, but I just have to be patient I suppose, and then they can no longer call me that :p

      And thank you! I feel very lucky I have found M, I also think we are a good match since we are so much alike with almost everything :D

      1. VelvetBat -

        Lucky that the small bottle of water was enough then, but it does also make me wonder why they want people to drink such insane amounts of water then. :S
        But it is good to know that they are not like super serious about that. I mean, I was afraid that if you wouldn’t be able to hold it up any longer and pee, that they would be very angry and send you home because you’d be worthless for the echo. So that’s quite a relieve to know that it isn’t so strict! XD

        Really? I wouldn’t have guessed that.. I would have thought that people who knew you from the past, but had trouble switching pronouns, or because they still have that mental image of how you were, would continue to call you ‘miss’. And that strangers would simply see you as a guy.
        Oh well, I don’t think it will take long before those ‘miss’ people will call you ‘sir’ each time though. :)

        1. King_Chaos -

          I heard that if your bladder isn’t full enough, they will have to take a look in a different way (legs wide open, and you can guess what will follow). I’ve had this in the past once (not at the VU), and it’s very unpleasant this way. That’s why they want to use the bladder method, becuase it’s less unpleasant for transguys :)

          Yeah, I just have to wait a bit longer and then I’m sure I will pass eventually :p


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