First outfit post of the year!

Outfit rundown
T-shirt – Qwertee
Pants – H&M
Shoes – Dr. Martens
Necklace – Ichigo
Bracelets – We/H&M/Off-brand

I’m wearing one of my latest Qwertee shirts, of which I posted about here: [♥]
I’m also wearing a new pair of pants, that I bought last weekend. It’s not a typical color, but I do like it. It matches well with my shirt. I’m also wearing two new bracelets, the ones with the crosses. I got those as We, for €3,- during their sales. I love wooden jewelry ♥ And I’m starting to love brown colors and such as well, I’ve never worn these colors in the past but I’m appreciating it alot more nowadays.

IMG_2570finished3 IMG_2551finished2


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