A few days ago I went shopping with a few of my friends ♥


We went to Primark in Rotterdam. I didn’t bought that many, but I had a great time with my friends. It has been years(!!) ago since I went to Primark. I hope the one in Eindhoven opens soon, it’s alot more closer to home, since I live there.

Here are the few things I have bought, and had to pay €14 in total. Everything was so cheap! I didn’t bought anything spectaculair, but I still wanted to show you what I got from the men’s department. A t-shirt for €3,-, set of bracelets for €2,50, and some well needed socks, shoe horn and soles. I was in need of getting a shoe horn for my new shoes, it’s hard to get them on without one. (I can’t wait to wear them, but luckily the wedding is over 2 weeks!).


I couldn’t wait to wear the new shirt and bracelets. I love the color combination of the beads. ♥
So I’m wearing a outfit that doesn’t have that many black in it. So rare! I decided to make a utfit video again, but I simply forgot to take photo’s of it.


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