Today it has been exactly one year ago since my public coming-out.Alot of things have changed in that year. I have become more secure about myself, being able to dress like I wish to, and alter my appearance. Between my coming out to my love and publicly, I had cut my hair short, after having long hair for years (though I had cut my hair short in the meanwhile, but it was long again). Two days after my haircut I came out publicly. I remember going to an fantasy event on 22 April 2012, which was just 4 days after my coming out, and it also the first time my friends called me Damiën. I remember feeling extremely happy about that. This weekend, on 20 April 2013, I will be going to that same event again (will post photo’s of my outfit for that day after the event). Within this year everyone is calling me by my new name, and it feels great!

I came out to everyone I know in this past year; firstly my love, then my parents and brother. Than publicly, which means the rest of my family (almost everyone is on facebook!),  friends and other acquaintances. Later on also my parents-in-law and the rest of my love’s family, and not so long ago also my uncle and grandma. Which means there’s only one grandma left to tell.

I’ve also signed up at the genderclinic, have experienced the long waitinglist (which in the end was shorter than expected), and recently even had my first appointment of the diagnostic phase.
I’ve changed my appearance some more while I was waiting; growing my hair a bit longer, and later had it (partially) cut short again. Got some new piercings and also started stretching my ears. I really can’t wait until the diagnostics will be over and I can finally start getting testosterone (lower voice, here I come!)

I thought it would be funny to share a photo with 4 of my looks in the past year.
Starting with the photo on the left: thé day of the coming-out, and the last photo: taken yesterday. With two other looks in between (。´‿`。).
I think I am looking a bit more masculine now, when comparng my current look with a year ago. And I’ve also gained some weight, though nobody sees that but me, lol! In my opinion I look much better nowadays (。◕‿◕。)


6 thoughts on “[18.4.2013]

  1. Nina -

    Thank you for the post!
    I enjoyed reading it ^^
    I think you are a very brave guy! Also, I love the photo’s of the day of your coming out, and the photo of yesterday! And ofcourse the in between photo’s!
    It would be interesting if you would make a timeline from your coming out, when you start T and go on~

    Thank you for being such a inspirational person! <3

    1. King_Chaos -

      Oh yes, I’m planning to keep track of every changes I will be going through, when starting on T ^^
      I want to be able to post voice comparisons and also use photo’s to see how my appearance will change.
      And thank you so much, that’s great to hear! Especially that I’m inspirational to someone! ♥

  2. VelvetBat -

    A year already… And I still remember your coming out very well! As if it was much more recent.

    But anyways, I’m loving the little timeline with the photos. And it is really funny that you look more masculine in your last photo, even though you are not on hormones yet!

    And it is good to hear that you feel so much more secure about yourself now.

    And imagine the changes that will bring upcoming year when you can also do the hormones! Looking forward to your post next year (if you do one ofcourse!) on this date to see all the other new upcoming changes as well! :D

    1. King_Chaos -

      Thank you :D I really can’t wait to see all the changes, on me but also on you!
      I think I will do that, to make another post on April the 18th next year, to talk about everything that has happened. Should be fun to compare everything :p

  3. Vief -

    I too, remember your coming out. It feels like so long ago though! And your new name also sounds completely natural and such. I really like the haircut on the second photo for some reason, although I love love the bridge on the last one ;D And it’s cool that you keep track of things like this!
    Good luck on the last person left to tell, and have fun this weekend :D

    1. King_Chaos -

      Thank you, I also liked my hair on the second photo. But if I would have to choose between mthat haircut and my current one, I would stick with my current one :)
      Thanks, I hope it will go well, but she’s already very old so I don’t know if she would be able to understand and all. :p


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