So, yesterday when I wanted to go to bed, I felt something in my mouth.
I went to the bathroom, to look in the mirror and saw something terrible. I saw that on the inside on my mouth some flesh was growing around my piercing. So, I sadly had to take out the piercing because otherwise the flesh would grow even more around my piercing, which would result into my piercing being stuck to my flesh. It looked horrible, but it’s already looking better right now. I now have a whole in my face (another one!) ∩( ・д・)∩ “Aaaaah!”


I feel sad that I didn’t enjoyed the piercing long enough, since I had it for a short time. I won’t be getting it pierced any time soon again, because I fear it would happen again. I suppose it just wasn’t ment to be for me to have a medusa. Maybe I will get my old lip piercing back, or some snakebites since I always liked the look of that. But for now, it’s healing time!

The weather here is currently very nice. So sunny and warm (but luckily not too warm!). So I’m wearing my hair differently today. haven’t done this before because it was too short.



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