Last weekend I went to a doll event, called Dolliverse. I have been there before for several times, and also helped as a volunteer a few times. I have missed this event twice (I think), so I wanted to go again this time. As always I went there with my love, who also shares a love for these dolls (Ball jointed dolls). I knew some people that I know were also going to the event, so I was looking forward of seeing them again. I decided to wear a more fancy outfit this time, instead of wearing a t-shirt and some plain pants.


Outfit Rundown
Jacket – Fan+Friend
Blouse – Moi-Même-Moitié
Pants – Fan+Friend
Shoes – Ebay
Necklace – Restyle
Brooch – Topman
Lenses – Eyecandy’s

And here’s a photo of me and one of my dolls. We took this quick photo at the parking lot, where I stored my doll in the car, after wearing him for several hours, along with some books I got.


I took some photo’s of the dolls I came across the event. Photo’s of the challenge, where people could make a entry of the theme challenge. This time the theme was circus. And the entries looked amazing. When participating, you can win some prizes. When you get first place you can even win a doll! I thought they all looked very cool. The winner has been determined by a voting system. Every visitor can vote.

This entry has won 1st place! I also filled in this entry as number 1. Almost everything has been made by the owner herself!


If I remember correctly, this entry got 3rd place. I voted this one on second place. I thought it looked so cute ♥I loved the outfit and the doll, so adorable!


This entry came second place. I’m still wondering how they did the hair like that. I thought it was looking cool.


And I also voted on this entry, but alas, it didn’t made the top 3..I really liked the ‘freak’, and the fact the platform was spinning around.


I think it’s great to see how creative everyone has been for this challenge. And it looks like alot of fun to do as well. Maybe I’ll give it a try later in the future.

Here are some dolls I had seen at the Think Pink booth. I saw some dolls there and liked a few alot. Some dolls have such pretty molds ( *___* ) (and awesome outfits and face-ups).


And you could als leave your doll in a corner of the room, where people were looking after your doll(s), if you wanted to look around without having to carry them. So, this is also a good opportunity to take a few quick shots of some dolls there.


After a while I came across Velvetbat, who brought Angelina, a very big doll, with him. The doll is 105cm tall(!!!), and weighs 8kg. The doll is a Dollmore Trinity. He made her a dreadwig, and her clothing. She looked amazing. It was great to see her with my own eyes. Because the doll is so heavy, it has been on a cart, so you can still see the doll, and move around easily. The shoes are actual toddler shoes!


This has been the biggest doll at the event. There was another big doll, but smaller than this one. And I liked how she looked like. This doll is a Dollmore Lusion Doll. She is 80cm tall and weighs 4.2kg. I liked her outfit and wig alot. ♥


Later I came across the Puppit Productions booth, who makes wonder products for your dolls. And she is even making a wonderfull ‘foxy’ lady. Though she is not finished, she already looks awesome. I love the face and the little teeth!


This is a quick shot I made of the room, though not the entire room is seen.  On te left (what’s not on the photo), were some more booth, the entries of the circus challenge,  workshops and a photocorner.


In the end I went home with these 2 jewelry books and a small book with doll clothing. I think these jewelry books will come in handy. And the best part is that I got these for free ♥


I thought it was a lovely day, the room was organised very well. I liked how the booths were all standing and they all had such lovely items! The people that were visiting were all friendly and I fell in love in with several dolls. I also got some new inspirations,a nd now I want to spend more money on my dolls for clothing, wigs and accessories. ( ⌒▽⌒) Oh I wish I had a money tree for all the things I want!


4 thoughts on “[16.6.2013]

  1. Vief -

    Woowwweeeee the doll that got 3rd place but that you voted second is totally my favourite!!
    So many pretty dolls!
    I’m really not allowing myself to look at them too much or I’ll want everything xDDD

    I have 3 that are Lolita collabs, so nothing like the fancy ones, but still… I like how people get creative and original with them, I should do that too – one day.

    And oh yeah. If onllllyyyyyy we had money trees! xDD

    1. King_Chaos -

      Haha yes, we all need money trees! We always want so many things (that are also expensive, lol!)


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