Last weekend there was a lolita meet-up here in Eindhoven. So, since it’s so close (I live here) I couldn’t stay home.
Some of us went on a fabric shopping free, and I, I just went along to see some of my friends.


Outfit Rundown
Sweater – H&M
Vest – H&M
Pants – H&M
Shoes – Doc Martens
Necklace – Senor Bear (my shop)
Bracelets – H&M

I can already hear you think; A lolita meet-up and you’re wearing casual clothing? I know, I know. I really wanted to wear one of my aristocrat outfits, but, since I gained some weight, my suiting pants is not comfortable to wear anymore. So alas, I needed to wear normal clothing.


After fabric shopping we ate a bit and went shopping. It was so crowded at the Primark! I bought one shirt because the rest wasn’t so nice this time. Here’s also a photo of me with some lolita’s. This was our ‘pimp’ photo, haha! I had a lovely day ♥


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