Last friday I had my appointment at the genderclinic again. When you’re in the RLE (Real Life Experience), you need to go to the clinic every 3 months for a check-up. I was there early, so I was able to go to the doctor first and the psychologist after (instead of going to the doctor afterwards).

When I was at the doctor, I needed to step on the scale again for my weight. Lucky for me I lost 3kg again (I’ve been trying to lose some fat so I was happy to see that). Then, you need to take of your shirt and binder so she can measure your breasts (but I could lift up my binder so that I didn’t had to take it off, and the doctor was standing behind me when measuring), hips and stomach. After that you could put on your clothes again, and it;s time to measure your strength. I was happy to hear my strength has increased! The previous time my stregth was the same as before I started to use testosteron so yay! ( ⌒▽⌒) Working out and lifting weights is helping me so far! I also got back the results from when they took my blood 3 months ago. It appears my testosteron level is much higher than they expected/wanted it to be, and she asked if I took more testosteron than prescribed, which I don’t. But it’s not a problem (or atleast for now), and I might have to get my blood tested again the next time I’m there.

One problem I still have is that in the previous 3 months I’ve had some bloodloss again. Which really sucks, and it’s annoying me alot.
Also because it shouldn’t happen anymore by now. But, the doctor said I needed to take those orgametril pills again, which should help stop the occasional bleeding. First for a month and then stop and see if it helps, because the testosteron should make it stop now (for good). I also had to fill in a form of how my body hair has been growing, lol. Oh, and a question list (as usual), which contains stupid questions (mostly about mood and sexuality).

Anyway, after my check-up I had my appointment with my gender psychologist. I told him everything went well. He was surprised to hear my voice again, because he thought it was much lower then 3 months ago, and he also noticed changes in my face. This was nice to hear, also because I don’t really see that much changes in my face myself. We discussed a few things, also about the bloodloss, and if I can’t hold it any longer (and if I lose blood again), I should just call the doctor there and hopefully she will do something more drastic because I simply can’t do this anymore. And we discussed the shaving topic. I told him I was hoping to get more facial hair soon, because I really want to have it (not sure if it would suit me, but hey!), and he gave me some tips. Last weekend I shaved for the first time, and I have to say; it feels weird to do it! Especially on the cheeks. It felt more natural to shave the baby hairs on my upperlip. ( ⌒ω⌒) I can’t believe how smooth my face felt afterwards. We also discussed things about the future operations, and I still haven’t changed my mind (which is good I think). I just can’t wait!

Now my next 3 monthly check-up is in july. And as I’m writing this, I’m also 7 months on T (testosteron). I was planning to make a video about all of this, but meh, I don’t feel like it so maybe next time :p


2 thoughts on “[14.4.2014]

  1. VelvetBat -

    Good to hear that you are improving so much and doing so well! Although that bloodloss is really terrible. I feel sorry for you and hope it’ll stop soon!

    And 7 months… time really flies. :p

    Also, awesome shirt! XD

    1. King_Chaos -

      Time sure flies, especially when you’re busy ^_^ And thanks! I love the shirt alot, it was a birthday gift ♥

      And yeah, I really hope the bloodloss will stop very soon now. I’m fed up with it!


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