Today I’m 6 months on testosteron!


Alot of things have changed in this past half year, physically and mentally.
So, I thought this was a nice opportunity to make a new update video, also because some people were requesting it.

If you don’t want to watch the video, here is a list of my changes from the last 6 months:
☆ My voice became lower, and was very irregular. But now my voice is more stable.
☆ I’ve gained about 10 kilo in 6 months.
☆ Shoulders and chest are broader (also due to working out).
☆ The shape of my face has changed a bit.
☆ Hair on stomache and chest.
☆ Few barely visable hairs on chin and cheeks.
☆ Hair on upper lip (go moustache!)
☆ Overal body hair has become thicker, and fuller on several places (especially legs).
☆ Increased libido (which was already high before starting T). Libido is now more under control.
☆ More confidence (though still insecure at times).
☆ I feel like I’m becoming more open, to myself and to others, and I hope that’s also visible.
☆ Didn’t pass most of the time until the last 3-4 weeks. Now I’m passing pretty much all the time!

I will most likely make another update video over 3 months, when I’m 9 months on T.
I will not make a video every month I passs when I’m on T, because the changes will be so little that I won’t have anything to say. So, I hope that in the upcoming 3 months I will have a nice update again. And in the second week of April I have to go to the genderclinic again for a check-up.

Right now I’m actually not feeling so well, because my eardrum hurts alot. So I went to the doctor today. There, where they called me in as ma’am, in a full waiting room. This was quite awkward, but unfortunantly I can’t change this yet since I have to wait until july, when I can finally legally change my name and gender. But, when I went to the pharmacy they apparently did changed my gender there, which was a nice surprise. Because a few months ago when I had to pick up a new batch of testosteron it still said ‘Miss D’. Now, all of a sudden it said ‘Mister D’. So, I was happy (also because I did pass then, hehe). But, even though I don’t feel that great, I still went outside with Sudo (my pup), for a nice walk and enjoy the sun. I love this current weather ♥


I know I’m spamming alot about my dog (it’s even worse on my FB), but I simply can’t help it. It’s such a sweetie (most of the time), and I spend so much time with him. Raising him, training him, walking. It’s really rewarding to see how well he is doing. I love it went we go to the dog school, and teach him. Another fun thing is that I passed right away when we first got there. The instructor even said I needed to raise my voice and make it higher, even though it may be hard to do so as a guy. I thought this was funny to hear :D I even turned in a crazy dog owner who has a facebook page for his dog! Link: [♥]

Thank you for reading!


4 thoughts on “[14.3.2014]

  1. VelvetBat -

    You sure changed a lot! Awesome! And also great that you pass most of the times now. That must feel so good!

    Also lol; when your dog stated to wine at the background, my dog looked up like “where does that dog come from? O__O”.

    1. King_Chaos -

      Thanks! It sure feels really good :D I hope you will get that soon as well!

      Haha I can totally imagine how Gwen would look :p

  2. Anonymous -

    Hi, I just wanted to say that you changed so much and I get why you pass all the time because you look like a handsome guy! I’m happy for you that you are more confident now. Way to go!


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