Last friday I had my appointment at th genderclinic. They had called me on wednesday and asked if I was available to go there on friday (just 2 days later!). It was a bit of a short notice, but I able to go!

Lucky for me, because if I couldn’t go that day, they had to schedule it in november, which is (in my opinion) way too long to wait for this. So, I had to be there very early, at 10am. I took my train at 8am towards Amsterdam, which is not close to home. Once I arrived there I had to wait for the appointment with the doctor, who needed to exam me. Since I have alot of things on my mind, I didn’t thought one second of me having to take my clothing off. So, there I was, standing in a Muppet boxershort (。´‿`。) *oops* I had to take everything off, except for my underwear and socks. Binder had to be taken off as well, which I didn’t really wanted to do, but oh well, it had to be done. She needed to know my weight and height, and also listened to me breathing, since I have had several lung operations in the past and collapsed lungs. She felt and pushed in my stomach and neck. She noticed something in my neck but that can be harmless (we don’t know yet). After the exam I need to get my blood samples (I wasn’t allowed to eat that day because of this), so afterwards I was happy I could eat something, I was so hungry! Then, I had an appointment for the Dexa scan, where they will measure your bone density. This didn’t take so long, so I was done quite quickly. I went back to the gender department of the hospital, where I got a receipt to pick up my testosterone gel, and also some pills to stop the menstruation. I also got a new appointment, where I need to visit them after 3 months, and we will be doing a echo, another appointment with the docter and one with my psychologist, to see how I’m doing.

So this is 3 months of testosterone gel, and 3 months of pills.


The gender coordinator also gave me an instruction sheet of how to apply the gel, but honestly, it’s not rocket science!


A highlight of the day: They changed my name and gender in the computer, so I’m now known as ‘Mister Damiën’ at the genderclinic and their pharmacy. They will now call me Damiën, instead of my birthname. You can probably imagine how great this must feel. (ಥ‿ಥ)IMG_0102finished2

A comparison photo; left: Orgametril (pills to stop menstration), Right: My anticonception pill (which I’m obviously not allowed to take anymore). The size is pretty much the same, though Orgametril is a bit thicker. I was worried these pills would be huge, and that would be a problem, since I can’t swallow any pills. This small size is the only ones I can swallow, so I’m lucky ( ⌒‿⌒) When I left the gender department, the coordinator said: “Welcome to manhood!”


And now the real-life experience has began. Living as a male 24/7 for a year (which I already did), and then they will discuss if I get the next green light, which means: Operations. I can’t wwat to see the first changes with using T, but I will do my bes to keep track of everything, and show how my voice (and face) will change over this upcoming year.

Even though it was friday the 13th, it felt like a lucky day to me. With everything that happened that ay, you can say I left the hospital as a very happy guy ( ^▽^)


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