Last friday I had my 3rd check-up at the genderclinic.
And I’m also 10 months on testosteron right now.


This means that I’m almost done with my RLE (Real Life Experience). I seriously can’t wait for this to be done, so that I can go further with the whole process. First I had to see the doctor, for measurments, testing my strenght and check my weight. I’ve gained a little bit more, but I’m planning to go workout some more soon. I talked a little bit with my doctor and I also need to get more calcium, and vitamine D. My bone density is a bit low at the moment. But I know what to do, so I’ll be working on it the next upcoming months. Next check-up they need to take my blood again, and I will have another scan.

After my appointment I needed to see my psychologist. I told him how everything is going at the moment (not so great actually). We also talked about the next steps I want to take; operations. We talked alot about it, and I’m going to do some more research about something and hoping to make up my mind about something.
I’m also going to look about my possibilities about chest surgery, since that operation will be my first one, and has the highest priority at the moment. And I’m also currently waiting on some files to be delivered, so that I can finally change my name officially. I can’t wait!


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