Outfit Rundown
Top – H&M
Pants – H&M
Bracelets – H&M
Necklace – Senor Bear

I made a new update video yesterday because it has been a while since the last one. And while I was at it I also took these snapshots.

Tomorrow there will be the Kawaii lolita event, and I really excited to go there! I’m only going there in the evening, for the party. At the party there will be a fashionshow by Linda Friesen (She has made 3 lolita dresses for me in the past. and is a excellent designer), and she will be showing a new lolita collection. There will also be a outfit contest and I’m very curious who will participate and how everyone will look like. As for the performances there will be Misako, Rinrin and Scarlet Penta. I think it will be alot of fun to attend this event, and I’m looking forward to see my beloved friends again, and to (hopefully) meet new ones ♥ I missed my lovely friends! I will be taking my camera with me, so hopefully I can record something nice, and take a few shots as well.


2 thoughts on “[12.7.2013]

  1. Vief -

    Hiiiiiiiii I like your videos!! And INDEED! That is one AWESOME LOOKING MOTH!

    [And you made me nostalgic for events in the Netherlands haha]

    And the wedding photos will be okay, you’re good!

    AND YAYAYAYYAYAYAY LONDON!!!!!!! ^____^/ I’m super excited!!


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