So, I totally forgot to post about my latest (not so latest) book purchases! I love to read, but I’m more addictive to buying books. I buy them more than I read. Though I want to change that, since I do love to read but don’t really have the time for it (and not making time for it either, shame on me!).

☆ August purchases ☆

☆ September purchases ☆

☆ October purchases

Last weeks purchase at the bookfair:
IMG_1208_2 IMG_1209_2

Ok, as you can see this book buying addiction is starting to get out of hand. I just love books…especially when they’re cheap! ヽ(○´ε`○)ノ These are all bought at the thrift shop and book fairs, so it’s more affordable. So I’m not allowing myself to go there for a while, but we will see how long I can stay away. (;____;) So you can see what type of book I like to read. What is your favourite book, or favourite genre?

Another first world problem: My bookcase is pretty much full..and I still want to have more books. Someone come and save me from myself!


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