It has been a while since posting a outfit photo. This one is my most recent one, made yesterday.

I’m quite pleased with this photo because I think I look more masculine than feminine on it. It’s also been a very long time ago since posting a photo of wearing a t-shirt without longsleeve. I’ve always been very insecure about my arms because they’re too thin, but I’m busy with working out and already seeing a little bit of process already. I compared an old photo from 2 years ago, and my arms are looking much better nowadays.


Outfit Rundown
T-shirt - Topman
Pants - C&A
Shoes - Episode
Necklace - Nordstrom
Bracelets - Topman / H&M (not shown on photo)

Another update: Next month I will have my first tattoo session for my long desired longsleeve tattoo!
( ⌒▽⌒) It was my goal to get that done this year, and now it is going to start, I’m so happy with that! Not going to tell anything about it’s design, it will remain a secret until I had my first appointment. Only 4 persons now about it (partner, mother, tattoo artist, design artist). I can’t wait, I’m being unpatient already. The only thing I want to share is that it’s going to be a dark tattoo colorwise: black, darkgrey, bit of blue and little bit of orange, green and white). It’s going to be fully covering my right arm, shoulder and a bit on the chest.♥

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