So, as of today I’m 1 year on testosteron!
Alot of things have happened in the past year, with lots of changes. And pictures say more than words, so here’s a comparison photo of the first day I started using testosteron, and one year later. I’ve also made a timeline video with all the snapshots I made during the year.

1 year_wm

When I first started I was really hoping to get some changes pretty soon. Because I didn’t pass at all at that time. The first noticable changes was my voice starting to get a little bit lower, and the start of having a little bit of facial hair. You wouldn’t believe how happy I was when I discovered the first hair! Or the time my high libido went through the roofs, and it started to drive me nuts, haha. I think I started to pass when I was about 6 months on T, and I remember how glad I was with that. I started to gain some weight due to the testosteron and gained a little bit more confidence.

So, now that a whole year is over I can safely say that I currently pass nowadays for quite some time. And for a certain amount of people I live stealth, meaning they don’t know about me being trans (it’s not something I just tell to everyone I get to know). As far as they know I’m a cisguy. And I also have my name (and gender) changed, as stated in a previous post. And it feels great! So now I’m waiting for my final appointment at the genderclinic, and to end my RLE (Real Life Experience), so that I can start waiting for the first surgery!


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