Last friday I had another tattoo session. My sixth appointment.


I can assure you that this was not a painless session. The elbow needed to be done, and also the inside of the elbow. This has to be the most painfull session I have ever had (so far). But the days afterwards are worse, since my arm always gets swollen afterwards. It’s swollen, and I can’t move my arm properly, which sucks. I had 2 sleepless nights, but luckily I was able to sleep well enough last night. The arm is slowly but surely healing, and I have to be honest when I say I’m happy if these few days are over. I can move my arm a bit better than yesterday though, so that’s a good thing ^_^ My next appointment will be next month.

These two following photo’s are done the day after, where my arm was swollen, as you might see on the top photo (lower arm). The unlucky thing is that the elbow needs to be done again the next time. So I’m not really looking forward to that, haha! I can’t wait to be all finished!


Will post a better photo once it’s a bit more healed, and more cleaned.


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