So, as of today I’m 1 year on testosteron!
Alot of things have happened in the past year, with lots of changes. And pictures say more than words, so here’s a comparison photo of the first day I started using testosteron, and one year later. I’ve also made a timeline video with all the snapshots I made during the year.

1 year_wm
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[29.4.2014] Update

I can’t believe with how busy I am lately!
Me and four friends are organising a masked lolita ball, and have been working on it for atleast half a year, and this weekend it’s finally time ♥ I can’t wait for it, I’m sure it will be amazing and that we will have a fantastic time. Though I’m also nervous because it’s quite a big event to organise.

I also will have a stand with my shop, Senor Bear, so I’m also busy with preparing on that; sorting out the products and what to bring, pricing everything and what not. And I made some new products to see at the event, and also made accessories that people can win with the lottery. I hope I won’t forget anything! My workplace has been very chaotic, I really need to organise everything again in order to find things. I did clean up my letter trays again, which was very needed (you really don’t want to know how it looked like before, with piles of notes).
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